History Of Coral Springs, Florida

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Coral Springs is a popular city in Florida. It has a lot of history behind it. If you want to learn about the history of Coral Springs, then read the rest of this article. Coral Springs was incorporated as a city in 1963, but before it was incorporated as a city, it was part of marshy lands that was purchased by Henry Lyons. The area was purchased between 1911 and 1939, and after a series of floods, the state of Florida decided to create what is now known as the South Florida Water Continue Reading ...

Top Restaurants In Davie, Florida

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Davie, Florida is a beautiful town with a lot to offer. The area consists of open green spaces, many educational opportunities, and has a rural vibe to it. Another thing that is so nice about the area is the restaurants. No matter what you are hungry for, you can find it in one of the top restaurants in Davie. Continue reading to learn more about the best places to enjoy a meal in the beautiful city of Davie, Florida. 1. La Spada's Original Hoagies is rated as one of the best restaurants in Continue Reading ...

Top Restaurants In Coconut Creek, Florida

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The rankings for the top restaurants in any city are always changing from time to time. However, you can be sure that a restaurant that makes the top five, or the top 10 is there for good reason, especially if the ranking is in direct correlation to numerous customer reviews. According to a top travel site, there are some very nice places to grab a bite to eat in Coconut Creek. Here are some of the top restaurants the city has to offer. Coconut Creek is part of Broward County, and if you're Continue Reading ...

History Of Weston, Florida

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Weston is a community on the eastern coast of Florida's southern tip. It is part of the same general metropolitan area as Miami and Ft. Lauderdale and is located in Broward County. It has gained national renown for its robust, economical development and comfortable climate, which is a great deal drier than many of its neighboring Floridian communities. Weston has also gained quite a bit of renown for the wealth of its residents and has ranked highly in some surveys regarding median family Continue Reading ...

Top Restaurants In Tamarac, Florida

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Going out to eat great food is easier said than done. Tamarac is a beautiful city, but one that has far too many eating options. Is this a good or bad thing you may inquire? Well, it is a good thing for those who are doing their research and a horrible reality for those who are winging it and hoping to find an excellent fit. Look at these three restaurants as the "go-to" spots in Tamarac when it comes to dining out. It is these restaurants that are going to fill you up and leave you Continue Reading ...

Top Restaurants In Sunrise, Florida

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Among the top restaurants in Sunrise, Florida is Skyline Chili on North University Drive, a chili restaurant with a menu that includes not just a famous chili, but also salads, chili dogs, and burritos. Many of these recipes use much of the same chili flavorings as the chili, though the menu does have some surprises. Chief among them is their famous Greek chili, which combines the traditional chili recipe with flavors and seasonings from Greece. A more health-conscious alternative is First Continue Reading ...

Top Restaurants In Plantation, Florida

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The best places to eat in Plantation, Florida is a matter of some debate. While the region's proximity to the Miami area, the region easily brings in an international flavor as readily as most any other cosmopolitan region. The region's relative prosperity even in these trying economic times has also enabled some different eateries to take root and thrive in the town. But the top restaurants in Plantation are by, and large a matter of personal taste, as each of the best eateries has their type Continue Reading ...

Top Restaurants In Oakland Park, Florida

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There was a time where people would pray and hope they choose the right restaurant, or they would blindly trust someone else. Those days should be in the past because now you can read through this list of restaurants that are worthwhile. Here are three that are the best in town and should be looked at right away. It is these restaurants that people love in Oakland Park, and you will do as well when you reserve a table and start to eat away. 1) Escargot Bistro To begin this list, it Continue Reading ...

Top Restaurants In North Lauderdale, Florida

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North Lauderdale is the place to be when it comes to great food. You are going to fall in love with the options that are around you, but sometimes too many choices can be confusing as well. You have to select from all of the restaurants and make sure you are going with one that is perfect. Let's take a look at the best restaurants in North Lauderdale for those who are seeking to find a good fit. 1) The Burning Oak Let's start the list with one of the best options in the area. You Continue Reading ...

Top Restaurants In Miramar, Florida

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Miramar is a beautiful city and one that is home to 128,000 people. For those who are residing in the city or visiting from nearby, which restaurants are the ones to look out for? This is going to matter as you are hopping from place to place looking to grab a nice meal and enjoy your time. Here are the top restaurants based on reviews and why they are the right option for you as you are looking to find the best option in town. 1) Jordano's Pizza And More For those who are pizza Continue Reading ...