History Of Margate, Florida

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Margate Florida is located in Broward County Florida near the Everglades.  It was founded in the 1950s when much of the land was still in farmland are part of the Everglades, but then when land development began to get going with the influx of so many people moving to South Florida, the town was incorporated in 1961.  As of the census in 2010 Margate had a population of 53,284 people.  It is considered to be in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale and the Pompano Beach metropolitan area. The name of Continue Reading ...

History Of Lauderhill, Florida

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Knowing about the history of any city is going to be very important. However, what a lot of people need to realize is not all of the cities in Florida are going to have a long history of Saint Augustine. This is when people may want to know some of the histories of places like Lauderhill, Florida. This is when people should know more about the history that is covered here to know if the place is going to be historical as they want or if the location is lacking in any of the histories. The Continue Reading ...

History Of Hallandale Beach, Florida

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There is a city in Broward County in Florida called Hallandale Beach, a city that was named after the son of a Swedish worker Luther Halland. In modern times, however, it is known as the home the horse racing and casino business Gulfstream Park, as well as a greyhound racing track that brings a sizable amount of tourists. It has become so popular that many retirees that like to gamble find themselves at home in this warm and humid climate. Possibly due to this inclination to retire where they Continue Reading ...

History Of Davie, Florida

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There is a town located in southern Florida by the name of Davie, located in Broward County. The population of the town is well over 90,000, and it is considered to be the most populous town in all of Florida. This town is run by a mayor that is responsible for the activities in the town and has a unique origin. This takes a look at how this town came into being, changes that have occurred since its origins over 100 years ago, and why you might want to visit. Origins Of Davie Florida This Continue Reading ...

History Of Dania Beach, Florida

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Dania Beach is just one of the many beautiful beaches that the Florida coastline has to offer? Do you know where it's located? It's located in southern Florida, specifically in Broward County, which you've likely heard of before. Dania, Florida has so much history, and there are so many great things to do there. While it's hard to pick the best spot in Florida for vacation or relocation, Dania Beach is surely one of the gems of the Sunshine state. It wasn't until after the turn of the 20th Continue Reading ...

History Of Cooper City, Florida

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Cooper City is located in Broward County, Florida. It has a small population of 35,000 as of 2014, but it has a rich and colorful history. Named after Morris Cooper, who founded the community back in 1959, the city is part of the metropolitan area of South Florida. The Family Circle magazine included the place in their top 10 towns for families. Keep reading to learn more about the history of Cooper City, Florida and why you may want to drop for a visit. If you’re looking to learn more Continue Reading ...

History Of Coconut Creek, Florida

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The butterfly capital of the world is very important for a lot of different reasons, but for a lot of people they do not realize that it is located in Coconut Creek, Florida. What else is interesting is how many people overlook the history of this town and how it makes a difference in how the town is viewed. Since that is the case, people may want to learn the history of Coconut Creek to guarantee they know how this region took off and had continued to grow in beauty each year. The history Continue Reading ...

Top Restaurants In Southwest Ranches, Florida

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The Sunshine State is one of the most popular destinations in the country, as people flock there to escape the snow and cold of their homes and enjoy the warm, sunny weather that has made Florida famous around the globe. If you are going to visit, you will need to be sure that you plan well to have a great time while you are there. For instance, you will need to eat at least two or three times each day. Fortunately, there are many types of cuisine available at restaurants all over the state. Continue Reading ...

Places You Can Check Out In Pompano Beach, Florida

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If you're taking a trip to Pompano Beach, Florida, it will do you some good to look into this advice. You can learn how to find good places to visit here before you go there. Then you can enjoy yourself that much more when you get there! Look online for a map of the area to see what is on it. You're going to find there to be quite a few awesome places out there that you can go to if you know where they are. Zoom into the map in areas without too many houses and you should be able to Continue Reading ...

Top Restaurants In Pompano Beach, Florida

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Pompano Beach, Florida is full of restaurants. In fact, there are so many restaurants that people sometimes find it difficult to choose the right restaurant for the kind of food they want. Thanks to Internet, finding the best restaurants in Pompano Beach, Florida is just a search away. However, the biggest problem with Internet is information overload. There are too many lists, too many review sites, too many review apps that it's not easy for people to find the right restaurant that offers Continue Reading ...