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Places To Visit In Sunrise, FL

Posted on: July 30, 2016 by in Sunrise
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Sunrise, Florida is conveniently located near Miami Beach (36 miles), West Palm Beach (48 miles) and Fort Lauderdale (10 miles). This city can be accessed by I-75, I-595, every major highway in South Florida, three seaports and three international airports. Sunrise offers a host of amenities to be enjoyed by travelers. Continue reading to learn about the restaurants, entertainment complexes and shopping available to travelers. The BB&T Center This multi-million dollar 20,000 seat Continue Reading ...

History Of Sunrise, FL

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Every city got its start somewhere. While some areas have a fun and exciting history that influences books or movies, not every city's beginnings are quite as glorious. For many reasons, you may desire to learn about the history of Sunrise, Florida. You may simply want to know the information, or maybe you have an assignment that requires you to create a project using the information you find. No matter which reason you have for learning the history of the city, there are some things you can do Continue Reading ...

Top Restaurants In Sunrise, Florida

Posted on: July 10, 2016 by in Sunrise
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Among the top restaurants in Sunrise, Florida is Skyline Chili on North University Drive, a chili restaurant with a menu that includes not just a famous chili, but also salads, chili dogs, and burritos. Many of these recipes use much of the same chili flavorings as the chili, though the menu does have some surprises. Chief among them is their famous Greek chili, which combines the traditional chili recipe with flavors and seasonings from Greece. A more health-conscious alternative is First Continue Reading ...