Places To Visit In Southwest Ranches, FL

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map of southwest ranches floridaSouthwest Ranches is positioned on the eastern edges of the Florida Everglades, which is southwest to Fort Lauderdale. Because this area features a variety of horse ranches and is positioned to the southwestern portion of Broward County, the residents chose the name “Southwest Ranches” over many of the other Town names. In a 2010 Census, this town had a population of around 7,345 people.  Below are a few of the popular attractions

The Original Pancake House 6650 Dykes Rd Southwest Ranches Florida

The Original Pancake House was first founded in 1953 in Portland Oregan by Erma Hueneke and Les Highet. Drawing from their extensive experience related to the culinary fields and their working knowledge of ethnic and authentic national pancake recipes they succeeded in offering an original and unique menu that has resulted in national acclaim. This business now features over 100 franchises that spread from coast-to-coast one of which is situated in Southwest Ranches. Visitors often enjoy the signature items such as the Apple Pancake or one large pancake covered in cinnamon sugar and sautéed apples.

Vista View Park 4001 SW 142nd Ave Southwest Ranches Florida

Vista View features 272 acres of rolling hills and green meadows offering locals and tourists an extensive range of activities on offer. There are eight shelters that offer substantial room for picnicking. The other popular amenities includes an area dedicated to primitive camping, fishing docks, an airstrip dedicated to glider pilots and electric radio controlled planes, an equestrian-corral, basketball courts and playgrounds. Over and above these attractions, various outdoor enthusiasts are attracted to this venue for the athletic challenges.

Shiva Vishnu Temple Of South Florida 160th Ave Southwest Ranches Florida

In the year 1996, the plans began for the construction of a traditional Dravidian style temple. After the proper permits had been obtained, the construction commenced in April 1999. In April 2000, 12 Shilpis from the area of Mahabalipuram, India arrived to begin the process of Indianization for this temple.

Today the temple complex features two new buildings. This includes the front building that is known as the traditional temple-building along with two entrance towers known as Raju Gopurams and the 2 Vimana Gopurams that are over the main Vishnu Garbagrahas and Shiva shrines. The second building at the back is the community hall inaugurated in 2001. This venue has 300 seating capacity and is used for cultural activities, celebrations, and weddings.

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