Top Restaurants In Sunrise, Florida

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Map of Sunrise, FLAmong the top restaurants in Sunrise, Florida is Skyline Chili on North University Drive, a chili restaurant with a menu that includes not just a famous chili, but also salads, chili dogs, and burritos. Many of these recipes use much of the same chili flavorings as the chili, though the menu does have some surprises. Chief among them is their famous Greek chili, which combines the traditional chili recipe with flavors and seasonings from Greece.

A more health-conscious alternative is First Watch Cafe, an eatery focused on health. The dishes are uncomplicated. At lunch time, the eatery serves a range of soups and salads, as well as some sandwiches ranging from traditional favorites like Reuben’s and Beefeaters to healthier alternatives such as a Veggie Grill or a grilled turkey sandwich. The cafe also serves breakfast, ranging from hearty eating like steak and eggs too, again, healthier choices such as high energy oatmeal dishes, avocado toast, and protein-packed choices using egg whites. They also have a kids’ menu and some side dishes.

For a more Middle Eastern flavor, the Kabab Cafe on University Drive is a good choice, serving a range of Mediterranean and Persian foods. Serving a range of Middle Eastern sandwiches such as gyros and kabob sandwiches, regional stews, some rice dishes, falafel, kabobs of both several kinds of meat and vegetables along with side orders of yogurt dishes and vegetables. Other less exotic items include grilled shrimp, chicken wings, and some soups.

From the Caribbean comes the Bahama Breeze Island Grille, serving a range of Caribbean foods. A chain with some locations in South Florida, one is located in Sunrise. Some Americanized Caribbean dishes are served here, ranging from pork tenderloins rubbed with Jamaican spices to seafood paella and Cuban black bean soup. The Sunrise location offers fresh fish of the day, as well as lunch combos between 11 am and 4 pm during the work week.

Gigi’s Music Cafe is a more local eatery to Sunrise, offering a range of American dishes with local twists. Entrees include pork chops and fried catfish, as well as the iconic chicken and waffles dish that so many Americans are familiar with. Shrimp, chicken wings, soups and a dessert of the week round out the menu. Located at Northwest 88th Avenue, Gigi’s is of particular note for its frequent live music nights, hosting a range of local musicians, singers, bands and poets sharing their art with the patrons. Also of note is that the restaurant offers a weekly karaoke night for those who wish to do some entertaining themselves.

One final location is the Toa Toa Chinese Restaurant. Specializing in the Southern Chinese dish of dim sum, the eatery’s owner mastered the craft of dim sum in Hong Kong before bringing his skills to South Florida. Widely renowned for the authenticity of these dishes also offers some Chinese-American dishes that are familiar to most American eaters.

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